Head-turning, high-impact, high-octane

Designed to make an impact, there’s no hiding the Pictory Mirror.

Sure to capture every eye, the Pictory Mirror stands at over 6-foot-tall and features dan innovative all-mirror design.

Perfect for brand activations, the simplicity of the all-mirror design belies the complexity of the technology hidden behind the touchscreen.

The Pictory Mirror allows up to 6 participants to get in on the action, recording GIFs and Boomerangs or capturing the ultimate group selfies!

Pictory Events can also create fully customized on-glass screen animations and games that you can customize to reflect your brand story and drive maximum interaction.

The Pictory Mirror offers social media sharing, allowing every user to share their branded content with their followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or via text and email.

Extending your social reach has never been easier, leveraging user-generated content to drive brand awareness and maximize your digital marketing.

Pictory Events can also utilize the Mirror to collect data compliant customer insights and analytics to enhance and personalize your future marketing activities.

The Pictory Mirror offers unlimited engagement and brand awareness opportunities, that will elevate your event to new heights and connect your brand to audiences through an unrivalled experience.

Get set to achieve the impossible with Pictory Events.