Real-time, revolutionary fun.

There’s no need to wait for users to come to you, with the Pictory Ring you can bring the fun straight to your guests.

Capture the action on the dance floor, the bar, inside or outside – wherever your guests are the Pictory Ring can go.

Packed with the latest photo technology, the Pictory Ring can capture GIFs, Boomerangs and everyone’s favorite – the selfie!

Light up your venue with the ring of light that surrounds the Pictory Ring and watch as your guests vie to have their own VIP moment in the spotlight.

With unlimited retakes and a beauty filter that ensures everyone looks their very best, the Pictory Ring is the perfect addition for events and occasions.

Ideal for one-off brand activations or semi-permanent installs, the Pictory Ring can also remain in a fixed position that offers brands the chance to reinforce and drive further brand awareness.

Pictory Events will push the envelope, working creatively to include branding, hashtags and corporate imagery – leaving it in no doubt who is behind the fun.



Get ready to connect with every person in the room and let Pictory Event’s attendants help bring your guests together as they immerse themselves in a multi-sensory, multi-dimensional experience.

The Pictory Ring also offers immediate social sharing, driving the buzz created in the venue online and putting your brand up in lights across digital media.

Head-turning, memorable and utterly engaging, the Pictory Ring is the perfect tool to connect you and your audience.

Get set to achieve the impossible with Pictory Events.