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Off the Wall

Seamlessly combine all of your guests images into an interactive masterpiece.

The search for brand activation concepts changes with every innovation. How do we create a dynamic event environment? How do we increase engagement and promote brand promotion beyond the activation? Image a moment when every image captured becomes a bespoke piece of art that comes to life right before your eyes. Welcome to the innovative world of live event photo mosaics. 

live event photo mosaics
live event photo mosaics

Live Event Photo Mosaics

One of a kind photo mosaics

Combined with any of our photo booth experiences including Rockwell Event photography we can create a one of kind piece of art using live event photo mosaics technology. Photo Mosaics are an engaging marketing tool as people watch the wall develop right before their eyes. The background art can encapsulate the brand activation goals, a popular or icon scene. The options are limitless. Off the Wall Mosaics are a brand activation winner.

South Florida Live Event Photo Mosaics

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Pictory Events’ photo booth experiences offer unparalleled value for any event or brand activation. Our expert event ambassadors will help you create the perfect experience with our wide array of luxury photo booth experiences.



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