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event photography is designed to capture the moment. Rockwell is designed to share it now.

Rockwell event photography is invaluable in capturing the energy and essence of an event. Rockwell event photography not only preserves the memorable moments but also allows us to instantly share each photo with your guests in real time. Take one photo and you will be notified the moment we capture your image again.

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An amazing photo can captivate and evoke cherished memories from any event or brand activation. The energy we bring to every event make each guest the center of attention

Miami Event Photography

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Event photography is a powerful tool for capturing the essence of any occasion. By documenting every aspect of an event, from the grand entrances to the intimate moments, you can create a visual narrative that truly reflects the energy and excitement of the celebration. With the integration of AI technology, guests can now receive their photos instantly, allowing them to relive the memories as they unfold. This seamless experience not only enhances the overall event experience but also ensures that every cherished moment is preserved for years to come, making event photography an invaluable investment for any occasion.

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Pictory Events’ photo booth experiences offer unparalleled value for any event or brand activation. Our expert event ambassadors will help you create the perfect experience with our wide array of luxury photo booth experiences.



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