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Jazz in the Gardens 2024: Celebrating the Power of Women


The Brief

Jazz in the Gardens 2024 was an unforgettable experiential marketing case study hosted by Pictory Events. This innovative activation focused on capturing the Essence and Power of the women attending the Women’s Impact Luncheon. The concept revolved around the idea that beauty is power, and Pictory Events successfully achieved its objective with a range of captivating options.

The Solve

The event atmosphere was electric as attendees immersed themselves in the enchanting melodies of jazz music, and the culture of R&B and Hip Hop. The vibe of South Florida the picturesque backdrop of Miami Gardens, enhanced the overall ambiance. From the moment guests arrived at The Women’s Impact Luncheon, they were greeted with a symphony of vibrant colors and captivating decor that celebrated the strength and influence of women.

Interactive installations were strategically placed throughout the event, encouraging guests to engage with the theme. Professional photographers were on hand to capture the raw beauty and empowering moments shared by the attendees. Additionally, attendees had the opportunity to create their own unique experience at the Pictory Event Photo Booth. Jazz in the Garden 2024 truly celebrated the power of women, leaving a lasting impact on everyone in attendance.

Jazz in the Garden 2024
Women's Impact Luncheon

One of the most amazing connections I made at the event was meeting the CEO of Pictory Events, she is such a powerful woman, a force in the industry and see made me feel so powerful. Judging by the length of the line her team was doing this for every woman in attendance.

Event Atendee – Renata Boyd

Technology Used



Jazz in the Gardens 2024 – News Coverage

The Conclusion

Pictory Events successfully curated an experiential marketing activation that showcased the strength and beauty of these remarkable individuals. This event will be remembered as a testament to women’s influential role in our society, and as a celebration of their unwavering power. The event was a stunning display of power and influence.

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